Holistic Reflexology With Laura Norman

Holistic Reflexology Across The Spanse Of Time

Laura Norman’s career has spanned five decades. The 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s and now 2010’s. Her commitment to her craft has left an indelible memory in the souls and soles of everyone with whom she has come in contact. And I am one of those fortunate souls.

While I have never received a holistic reflexology treatment from my earliest reflexology mentor, she nonetheless inspired me to pursue the non-traditional career path of reflexology.

In an article for The Pineapple, Ms. Norman candidly portrays her history in and with the practice of reflexology:

Being a Holistic Reflexologist is extremely fulfilling and rewarding on many levels. During my forty-one years of practice, Holistic Reflexology has been such a wonderful vehicle and powerful tool to help my family, friends and clients. Being capable of supporting someone who is experiencing physical pain, emotional stress, physical or mental fatigue and exhaustion is so personally satisfying. Then seeing immediate, positive results both during and after a Holistic Reflexology session is a real blessing.

Gratitude Is In The Giving

It is obvious, on so many levels, that she expresses and experiences gratitude before, during and after a reflexology session. She then goes on to describe a reflexology session:

What is a reflexology session like? Imagine walking into a candle lit room with soft music playing. The delicious aroma of pure essential oils fills your nostrils. After completing a health history you discuss how you would like to direct the energy of your session, including any personal and professional goals you wish to focus on. Then you remove only your shoes and socks, and lie down on a cushy, padded massage table. You close your eyes as your Reflexologist applies specific techniques using gentle, but firm, thumb and finger pressure, soothing thousands of nerves in the feet, hands, ears and face.

Ahhh… I’m already beginning to relax. This is precisely the type of descriptive phraseology and imaginative authorship that Norman uses in her book Feet First to inspire and engender aspiring reflexologists. She also seeks to fully disclose to those who are skeptical or simply oblivious to the healing energies and subtle powers of reflexology, that it is a perfectly viable and highly-participated-in form of bodywork that is beneficial and accessible to all.

Taking Reflexology To The Next Level

Her communications with her clients after a session are further inspiration and testimony to the efficacy of this simple, yet powerful healing modality.

My clients tell me that, after a session, they feel their pain diminished or gone. They are calm, relaxed, at peace and filled with energy and vitality-clear, centered and able to focus on accomplishing their goals. How does Holistic Reflexology accomplish these benefits? Studies have shown that stimulating specific reflex areas and points on the feet, hands, ear and face affect each organ, gland and part of the body, as well having a profound effect on the nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems. It is believed that Reflexology improves and balances the energy flow along the body’s energy pathways (known as meridians in Chinese medicine).

The following video by Laura Norman provides additional information and insight into Holistic Reflexology:

When I first read these words, over fifteen years ago, I knew reflexology was what I wanted to do. And so, I became a reflexologist. The thought of working with someone who could benefit on so many levels from a proven protocol of healing energy and physical application of finger and thumb pressure applied to the feet, hands and outer ears, was alluring. It was also a phenomenon I could just barely wrap my head around. But over the years, the empirical and anecdotal evidence and the results of hundreds of reflexology sessions was undeniable – lives improved and, in some cases, there were miracles.

So, as my reflexology career and I matured, there were consistent session results I would communicate to my clients, so they were better prepared for their session. I have no doubt, the seeds of these conversations were planted by the reading and re-reading of Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology.

A Purposeful Profession And Passion

So, in Ms. Norman’s own words, she describes what one can expect from a holistic reflexology session:

The outcome? People feel physically stronger, mentally clearer, calmer and more grounded, and experience a more powerful connection to their higher Self. Many also report improved circulation, better skin tone, improved digestion and elimination and normalized blood pressure levels.

She goes on to impart why this has become her purpose in this life:LauraNormanFeetFirst

Why do I love being a Holistic Reflexologist? I have watched my clients experience amazing shifts in their lives. Many become motivated and inspired to pass on the healing they have received. Some come from corporate and other unrelated fields of work to become Holistic Reflexologists, either full-time or as a second career, to provide meaningful service, and to contribute to their loved ones and communities.

I am a Holistic Reflexologist and I love what I do. And, when you love what you do, it’s not work-it’s a joy. As a fellow Holistic Reflexologist told me, “When you see people leave you after a session, feeling empowered and free of the stress and pain they came in with, newly refreshed, clear and energized, you understand why Holistic Reflexology is studied and practiced all over the world.”

Thank you, Laura Norman. This reflexologist owes you more than he can ever repay. So I will continue to pay it forward and provide holistic reflexology for my clients and let the Universe be my guide.

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