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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology has been called a holistic healing art and science. It has been referred to as a glorified foot rub, a foot massage and - a hoax. Yes, there are those who doubt the efficacy of reflexology. And that, of course, is their right and I respect their opinion. However, my experiences have been quite the opposite and I have a list of clients with whom I have been associated for over a decade who claim their lives have been greatly improved due to the inclusion of reflexology into their lives and lifestyles.

Reflexology, when performed by a trained reflexologist, who skillfully applies a sequence of learned thumb and finger-pressure techniques to reflexes found on the feet, hands and outer ears, provides a discernible response within the body. This response is the body "becoming aware" of the message it receives from the nervous system as the feet, hands and outer ears are being addressed during a reflexology treatment. These reflexes connect - through our nervous system - to all systems, organs and physical aspects of our body. A reflexology treatment will usually result in deep relaxation or even sleep. I say "usually" because reflexology is all about achieving homeostasis, or balance, in the body. For the record, I have had clients become very talkative during a treatment, as well. It seemed as if they became more energetic and were inspired to interact and engage with their world, as opposed to relax and disengage. Everyone's experience will be uniquely their own.

Conversely, when someone receiving reflexology is significantly out of balance, it is possible for this person to experience what is called a "healing crisis." A healing crisis is the body's response/reaction as it moves toward balance. The most common symptoms of healing crises are: diarrhea, excessive urination, food cravings, sleeplessness and vivid dreams. Depending on who you are and what the cause of your particular imbalance (or dis-ease) is, will be directly associated with how your body responds. For example, if you suffer from food allergies or gluten-intolerance symptoms, you may find some digestive discomfort and subsequent frequent elimination after receiving reflexology. While this is merely one example - and a somewhat common one - it is important to keep in mind that everyone is unique and will experience reflexology according to their physiological and biological individuality.

It's a fact that our bodies are always attempting to achieve balance on their own. It is a constant dance as we live our lives and encounter stressful situations. Stress is the greatest challenge our body faces. While it can be and is useful to draw upon stress for the purpose of dealing with an immediate need - fight or flight - unfortunately, when it becomes a way of life, it manifests as an imbalance our body continually attempts to correct. Over time, when stress becomes a way of life, our body will constantly struggle in its attempt to achieve balance and will ultimately suffer. The symptoms of stress-induced imbalances can vary, however initially present in the form of headaches, sleeplessness, heartburn, neck and shoulder pain, short tempers and impatience, road rage, digestive issues and the list goes on. If left untreated or unaddressed, medical complications associated with stress can ensue.


Reflexology To The Rescue!

Reflexology is a viable and proven approach to reducing stress and, I heartily suggest that everyone incorporate it into their lives. I am not saying you should pay for a reflexology treatment from a professional reflexologist on a regular basis. Conversely, I am an advocate of giving yourself reflexology or having a loved one provide it for you. The beauty is, it doesn't have to be perfect. The key is not to over-complicate or over-emphasize technique versus concept. In truth, virtually everyone can "do" reflexology. And, while giving reflexology to a loved one is simply awesome, giving reflexology to yourself is wonderful, too! And is REAL easy to do! This is the awesome nature of reflexology.

This being said, there is much to be gained by experiencing a professional reflexology treatment. Lying down on a table or taking advantage of a zero-gravity chair and having someone who really knows what they are doing playing your feet like a finely-tuned musical instrument is a pleasure words cannot describe. You must experience it for yourself. However, not all reflexologists are created equal and you must do your research in order to increase your chances of experiencing bliss. Consult your state's reflexology association for a list of qualified, professional practitioners.

Why Should I Consider Reflexology?

Oh my, there are so many reasons!
I will keep it short and refer to the big picture.
First and foremost and, as stated previously, our daily lives are full of stress. This is an irrefutable fact of life. It is also a fact that most health problems begin as stress. Receiving regular reflexology sessions is an excellent and affordable way to reduce stress and bring balance back into your life. Once a return to balance has begun, the body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself and continue its journey toward balance.
Reflexology is also an ideal complement to an already healthy lifestyle. Making the choice to include reflexology in your wellness program will pay physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dividends.

Benefits Of Reflexology Include:

  • Stress Reduction - as stated, many health problems begin as stress
  • Increased Energy, Motivation and Enthusiasm
  • Enhanced Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Improved Circulation and Digestion
  • Detoxification

Reflexology and Reiki Energy

On a more esoteric note, our bodies contain our life force. If our life force flows unrestricted, we experience good health, abundant energy and are better equipped to make choices that lead to a more productive, prosperous and happy life. If this flow is restricted or shut down, the physical body and the energy associated with it becomes compromised and some form of dis-ease occurs. This is the precept and theory of Eastern Medicine.
The techniques performed in a reflexology session facilitate the clearing of these restrictions resulting in energy flowing more freely.
Simply stated, reflexology encourages and inspires the body to balance and subsequently, heal itself.

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Reflexology Research

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