Reflexology and Headache Relief

I hope to shed some light on reflexology and headache relief.
It’s true. Reflexology has been shown to have a dramatic effect on reducing headaches. My clients report feeling their heads “loosening up” during a reflexology treatment and experiencing “mental relief,” which is one way to describe quieting the chatter in the brain. There is always so much to do, which translates to… there is so much to think about. Using any function of our body and/or being without rest will ultimately lead to over-exertion and some level of pain.

We literally force our brains to push through so much data every day, we are teaching it to be stressed! The rate at which informational stimulation is encountered and processed by our brains is staggering. It is a veritable onslaught and it’s no wonder our heads hurt. Even sleep doesn’t completely remove us from the rigors of our heightened brain-functioning.

Read on and learn one of the benefits of reflexology.

How Reflexology Can Provide Headache Relief

When you consider that a majority of non-migraine headaches are stress or eye-strain related, it only makes sense that receiving reflexology, which has been shown to significantly reduce stress and induce relaxation, would also reduce the quantity and severity of headaches an individual may experience. And while reflexology is absolutely a wonderful, and virtually guaranteed way to reduce stress, it is the ability for reflexology to signal the nervous system and counteract the brains learned tendency to impose pressure on itself, based on the perceived need to address every bit of stimuli it encounters, that can serve as a retraining, of sorts and bring long-lasting relief.

Reflexology is like a mini-vacation for the mind. All types of reflexology can and will provide the respite from intense mental action that ultimately can lead to headaches of varying intensities.
This being said, you can and should give yourself reflexology. This is performed quite easily and does not have to involve the feet.

Simply take the thumb of either hand and press it firmly into the palm of the other hand. Then, change the location of your thumb and provide pressure in the new location The fingertips and uppermost areas of the fingers is where the head reflexes are located. By spending a few minutes squeezing the ends of your fingers and applying pressure to these areas, you will be helping yourself  greatly.

If you are at home or somewhere you can remove your shoes and safely access your feet, then squeeze your toes and apply pressure to the areas of your feet you feel drawn to. Reflexology is an energetic approach as much as it is a physical approach.


reflexology and headache relief

Can Reflexology Really Provide Headache Relief For Me?

Busy, stress-filled lives, are a way of life, and headaches have become a much too common side-effect of daily living. Sales of all manner of pain-relievers are on the rise and starting the day with a couple of aspirin or non-aspirin pain relievers has become the norm for many. It’s an all too easy habit to get into and almost sets up the expectation to get a headache!

I say: “Put the pills away and rub your feet! You don’t have to succumb to this!”

By taking the initiative to consciously choose to give yourself reflexology for headache relief, you are sending a very powerful message to your body and being: I do not want to experience headache pain any longer!

Spending five to ten minutes a day rubbing your feet, or having a loved one do it for you, is absolutely the healthiest and best way to melt the stress away. It ‘s amazing how “taking a load off” and receiving reflexology changes the dynamic of stress and subsequently eases tension. It’s almost as if you’ve been released from some kind of vice-like grip the day has had on you.

Be it your job; driving in traffic; a dispute with a co-worker; a spat with a spouse or teenage child; or any of a number of other stressful factors, our heads begin to pound in almost a Morse code that says SOS!

Reflexology And Headache Relief – To The Rescue!


Now, while receiving a 5-10 minute foot rub from a loved one is very nice and can, most certainly, provide some wonderful relief from the day-to-day rigors of our lives, there is nothing quite like a professional reflexology treatment. This is not a shameless sales pitch for you to schedule a reflexology treatment with me, however a trained reflexologist does know how to properly assess and address the presenting issues that are causing pain and limitation. A periodic professional session is a truly terrific way to indulge yourself in a justifiable and healthy fashion.

In regards to relaxation and stress-relief, there is much accomplished while receiving reflexology in a professional setting. First of all, you’re reclined or laying down. And second, your feet are getting treated like royalty! Then, when the session is complete, there is a sense of relaxation and renewal. If someone had a headache at the beginning of a reflexology session, at the very least it will be significantly reduced. In many cases, however, it will have disappeared completely, replaced with a painless clarity of mind. It’s really quite wonderful!

I like to tell my clients their energy has shifted and they are now vibrating at a higher frequency, which is true! In virtually every case, they are in a better mood, feeling more positive and ready to re-engage in their lives with a renewed sense of empowerment. It’s very rewarding for both of us. A real win-win!

So the next time you reach for the headache pills, think twice. If you’re at home, kick off your shoes and grab your feet. Give them a good squeeze or two and pay particularly attention to your toes. The toes are the part of the foot that reflexively represent the head and the brain. Now, say goodbye to those annoying headaches and regain control of your life – by squeezing your feet.

If you feel a headache coming on, or you are feeling generally stressed, the only viable option is to give yourself hand reflexology. Follow the recommendations above, set your intention and prepare to have reflexology provide you with headache and stress relief.

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