Reflexology And Reiki: My Reflexology Beginnings

I have been asked how I got started in reflexology by virtually everyone who knows I practice reflexology and reiki. So, I’ve decided to tell my story and reveal the reason – to everyone – why I chose reflexology and reiki as my career path.

The following true story, illustrates the reason I practice reflexology and reiki as an integrative approach for my clients. I hope my experience will, in some way, inspire and motivate others to strive for their own personal healing.

reflexology and reiki

Several years ago, I had attempted to lift something heavier than I should have and, after realizing this too late, I laid flat on my back, in excruciating pain and I was unable to move. Even breathing was painful. After a few minutes, I somehow managed to crawl to the couch, where I longed for a way to change what had just happened.

Sadly, I resigned myself to the stark reality that nothing would provide the necessary healing except time.

I groaned… the ice pack on my lower back wasn’t providing any relief, in fact I think it was making the pain worse! I was in absolute agony! “God! Take this pain away!” I growled. Then I remembered a friend of mine had told me he was studying a type of hands-on healing called reiki. I asked my wife to call him and plead for him to come over and practice on me. She did and he came right over.

What happened next, I will always remember… and it is what still remains vividly emblazoned on my mind as a vivid memory of the first step I would take on my path toward practicing reflexology and reiki.

Opening Up To Reflexology And Reiki

My friend quickly assessed the situation. He closed his eyes and began taking deep breaths. He then began “writing” on my torso with the side of the palm of his hand. (I discovered later these were symbols associated with the practice of reiki.) He then repeated this motion on my legs and arms. His actions became more swift and aggressive and he was synchronizing his breath with his movements.

reflexology and reiki

It was all rather strange and slightly embarrassing. After all, my friend was running his hands all over my body. Then I felt something profound. A felt a sensation, originating at the point of the injury, as if a large brick was being pulled through my torso, and then drawn up and out of my body, through my belly. And then… the sensation disappeared. I had no idea what had just happened. Then I realized… the pain was gone!

It had been approximately thirty minutes when he announced he had finished. I was stunned. Still trying to make sense of it all, I started laughing, which I think stunned him! I carefully began to move and sat up – still no pain. I raised myself slowly off the couch and stood. NO PAIN! Lastly, I took a step. Then another. Then gingerly bent at the waist, as if daring my body to deliver another debilitating jolt of pain – it didn’t come.

I was elated…
I was humbled…
I was ecstatic…
I was in awe…
But above all else, I was immensely grateful.
I had been given a second chance at, and through, the hands of a friend.

I had just been the recipient of a healing miracle.
And the pain never returned.

reflexology and reiki


Reflexology And Reiki As A Life Path

Soon after this experience, I knew what I was meant to do in this life. So, when I began practicing reflexology as a full-time profession, reiki was naturally implemented into all my sessions due to its ability to provide an exponential and profound healing quality. The types of reflexology I would study on my educational journey would lead me to practice a combination of reflexology and reiki, which I call Dynamic Reflexology.

I look at Dynamic Reflexology as a natural extension of traditional reflexology with exponential added value for my clients. There is no extra cost and it fits seamlessly into every session. And, I have witnessed the amazing results in my clients lives as a result of pairing these two remarkable healing modalities.

When reiki is integrated into a reflexology treatment, it opens up the myriad levels of our being. Additionally, with the integration of reiki, the benefits of reflexology are made available to the physical and non-physical aspects of our total being. Simply stated, reflexology and reiki provide much more than can be described in words – it must be experienced.

We are so much more, than who we are physically. We are multi-level and multi-dimensional beings with an incredible ability and capacity to be strong and healthy and do remarkable things. When we get out of our own way, we become aware of our own innate capacity to heal ourselves. When we accept assistance from others and take personal responsibility for getting back on our own personal path of health and healing, we can all experience miracles. Reflexology and reiki, when provided simultaneously in a reflexology treatment make it possible to experience these aspects of our being.

Familiarizing oneself with the dynamic properties of reflexology and reiki, by receiving a treatment, is a wonderful way to experience something healthy and energizing. In my opinion, receiving refleoxlogy and reiki at least once a month is a reasonable and affordable way to incorporate a preventative and health enhancing activity into one’s life. One hour per month (and the attendant cost of the session) for reflexology and reiki becomes an investment that will pay many ongoing dividends.

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