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A Decision To Heal With Reflexology And Tapping

Reflexology is one of the best ways to experience relaxation and stress relief – there is almost universal agreement and acceptance for this. However, when a practitioner combines two healing techniques in one session, for example reflexology and tapping, there is an opportunity for a more profound healing response. Oftentimes, this will lead to a deeper state of relaxation and stress relief, which sets the stage for the body to engage in it’s own movement toward health and wellness. This occurs through the body’s innate wisdom and how it addresses the imbalances that exist in the body.reflexology research


You’ve no doubt read a post or two on this website about reflexology, how it works and the many benefits. You may have even looked into what it takes to become a reflexologist – the education, training available, courses and reflexology certification. While reflexology produces tremendous healing results as a stand-alone method, the pairing of two complementary methods, exponentially increases the efficacy of the overall healing model. The results of which benefit the client and instill a deeper sense of confidence and trust in the practitioner.

What Is Tapping?

In essence, tapping is EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a viable and long-standing healing modality that has attracted many people due to its subtle, yet powerful approach to releasing debilitating energy patterns that are locked up inside each one of us. Access to these patterns is accomplished through a series of “taps” that a practitioner performs in an intentional manner, while holding the highest good of the client in their consciousness. This is very similar to reflexology, in that it relies upon the body’s inner wisdom to partner with the healing process and provide a focused and intentional process through which healing results.

The following video provides some additional information and insight into EFT and tapping:


Learn More About Tapping

The Tapping Solution website is a treasure trove of information and discovery on the subject of tapping, EFT and healing. Please take a look at the resources they make available and make the decision to diversify your approach to personal, lifetime healing and personal growth. Incorporating EFT into your health and wellness regimen is a way to open yourself up to the tremendous potential of YOU! It does require some initial courage and willingness, however once a client has been guided through the door, the next steps are natural and second-nature.

EFT-tapping points

EFT-tapping points (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Please visit their website for more information and discover another powerful approach to healing that can – and should – be used in conjunction with reflexology.

Reflexology And Tapping | Final Thoughts

I love reflexology and I practice it with passion and purpose. I know the potential and I’ve witnessed the healing and results that can be achieved when “everything comes together” properly. By adding an additional layer of intention and energy by performing reflexology and tapping, a practitioner can effectively stimulate the client’s own ability to heal themselves. There is a certain excitement in this when you consider the possibilities. People engaging in their own healing; taking responsibility for their own process; and empowering themselves to take action based on powerful information that is meant to feed their mind, body and soul.


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