Reflexology For A Better Night Sleep

A few years ago, one my daughters (I have five of them!) took a trip alone, to Costa Rica. She was eighteen years old at the time and my wife and I were more than a little anxiety-filled. After a couple of sleepless nights, my wife began talking about sleep medication and I went into yellow alert. “Let’s try reflexology.” I suggested. I received a somewhat skeptical response, but she accepted my proposal.

I gave my wife, and myself, reflexology before bed and we slept soundly. This became the nightly ritual for the bulk of the time our daughter was away. Our ability to experience quality sleep, in the midst of a very stressful situation and over a period of time, had been accomplished with the administering of reflexology. For the record, our daughter had a great time and returned home safely.

So, I firmly believe you can absolutely achieve a better night sleep with reflexology and I have the personal and empirical evidence to support this.

reflexology for a better night sleep

 Sleep: One of The Four Pillars Of Good Health

Without enough, good quality sleep, we limit our ability to fully participate in our waking lives and thereby reduce our cognitive awareness of the opportunities that come into our lives. Additionally, we have less patience, we make questionable choices, our ability to focus is hindered, we smile less, we exhibit poor posture, and our performance – in virtually all areas of our life – is hindered.

So how does one go about achieving the seemingly elusive good night sleep?

This question has several answers:

1. It’s an obvious one, but drink fewer caffeinated beverages.
2. Reduce your sugar intake.
3. When and where possible, walk or take the stairs. Exercise inspires the metabolism provides a more effective functioning of your natural biological rhythms.
4. Create positive relationships, and…
5. Receive reflexology!

Reflexology works with and through the nervous system to communicate the message of balance to the entire body. When the body is balanced, it is stress-free; when the body is stress-free, it is relaxed; and when the body is relaxed, it can – and does – experience good sleep.

I have had clients arrive for a reflexology treatment completely stressed out – heart palpitating, hands shaking and on the verge of tears. For all intents and purposes, they are in fight-or-flight mode. Adrenaline is coursing through their system and they’re muscles are tensed!

The first thing I have them do is breathe deeply and not talk. I will begin doing hand reflexology while they are seated prior to their foot reflexology session and purposefully match the rhythm of their breathing to the techniques I’m applying to their hands. This is called entrainment and allows me to “share and dissipate” my client’s stress.

reflexology for a better night sleep

Setting The Stage For Sleep

Once the client is calmed down a bit, they lie down on the massage table and we commence with the foot reflexology session. I encourage them to continue breathing intentionally and deeply in order to more fully integrate the relaxation effect from the foot reflexology. I continue to entrain as needed and check in with them verbally every so often to see how they are feeling.

Inevitably, by the conclusion of the session, they have all but completely calmed down. Have become almost totally relaxed. Maybe even fallen asleep during the session. And have a whole new and more positive outlook. It is quite common to receive an email or text message the following day telling me all about the amazing night sleep they had!

I would like to remind anyone reading this, that you can give reflexology to yourself and/or a loved one. You are not limited to scheduling a professional reflexology session. Reflexology is extremely easy to give and to receive. Just remember “hands on feet, repeat as necessary – and as desired.”

Now, go give – and get – some reflexology! And get a good night sleep!

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Wayne is a professional reflexologist, energy intuitive and spiritual life coach who specializes in health and healing, self empowerment and personal growth strategies for his clients. Connect with Wayne on +Google+

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4 comments on “Reflexology For A Better Night Sleep

  1. Beep Pocock on said:

    Great article. But I bet reflexology doesn’t just improve sleep, it’s helpful for many other health conditions. In my local spiritual healing group there is one lady that gives reflexology – she is very popular with the people that come for healing. But I also think that yoga is also good for people – it helps by calming the mind and reducing stress something we can all do with.

    • Wayne on said:


      You are absolutely correct!
      Reflexology is recommended for many conditions in addition to improving sleep.
      It is wonderful you are associated with a woman who provides reflexology and that your spiritual community accepts and embraces her.
      Reflexology and yoga are a great pairing of practices.
      Please view the other posts on my website to discover other ways in which reflexology can be put to use in everyone’s life – for health, healing and overall well-being.

      In Good Health,

      Wayne Nelson
      Redmond Reflexology

  2. Memory Foam Mattress on said:

    I know about yoga, but was not so much aware of the importance of the term ‘Reflexology’. This blog gives me good knowledge of it. Thanks Wayne for your blog.

    • Wayne on said:

      You are very welcome. I appreciate you visiting to learn more about reflexology. Reflexology and yoga complement one another wonderfully. Both are relaxing and invigorating – at the same time – and contribute significantly to your overall health, wellness and vitality. Receiving reflexology once a month, can provide an important foundation for healthy, positive living.


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