Reflexology In Pregnancy

A session of reflexology in pregnancy is an honor for any reflexologist to perform. The energy in the room with a pregnant woman is palpable. There is an elevated sense of joy and the heart is full of love and compassion. Additionally, it is a blessing for a woman to receive reflexology in pregnancy. Her body will absorb the healing goodness of reflexology and it will be shared with her unborn child. To expand on this concept, there is more than just the reflexologist and the pregnant client present during a reflexology in pregnancy treatment. The spiritual nature of an impending birth and subsequent life, defies intelligent understanding and can only be humbly experienced and accepted. This is the stage that is set for a reflexology in pregnancy session.

reflexology in pregnancy

Reflexology In Pregnancy: What You Need To Know

It is important to adjust the way in which reflexology is provided and there are four critical aspects of providing reflexology in pregnancy:

1. The woman must be past her first trimester of pregnancy
2. She must be no less than four weeks from her due date
3. The reflexologist must be in communication with the client’s doctor and receive permission to provide reflexology for their mutual client/patient.
4. While there are some types of reflexology that support the use of reflexology tools, these tools should not be used on a pregnant woman’s feet.
5. A strict adherence to the proper protocols and application of techniques while providing reflexology in pregnancy. These methodologies are taught in professional reflexology courses.

The most important area to avoid during a reflexology in pregnancy treatment is the ankles. There are points and reflexes in and near the ankles that can stimulate the birth process and cause premature birth and more serious, a miscarriage. It also bears mentioning the wrists are to be avoided during a reflexology in pregnancy session. Although, they are not as critical as the ankles, they should still be off limits.

Once the aforementioned criteria has been understood and satisfied, the reflexology in pregnancy treatment can be scheduled and performed.

IMPORTANT: The reflexologist must understand and strictly abide by these rules. It is important to remember that reflexology can cause premature birth or other complications if performed incorrectly during pregnancy.

With a session of reflexology in pregnancy, the fetus will most always become quite active at the beginning of a reflexology treatment. Then, after a short while – 10 – 15 minutes – it will become conspicuously inactive, as if taking it all in and putting the healing energy to it’s highest use. I have become quite peaceful while providing reflexology in pregnancy. It seems as if a spiritual energy fills the room and offers guidance and support. This is a remarkable experience and I have no other explanation except to say I believe there is a profound connection to a higher level of intelligence and power that bestows its grace and love upon us in this setting.

On a logistical note, while most reflexology treatments are performed with the client laying down, due to the challenge of being in a supine position for a full hour while pregnant, it is best to situate the pregnant client in a specially designed recliner chair referred to as a “Zero-Gravity” chair. When the chair is reclined, the client’s body is positioned in a way that effectively relieves the burden of gravity on the body, resulting in greater overall comfort – for mother and unborn child. However, even this accommodation is sometimes not enough to alleviate the discomfort and the only remedy is a shorter reflexology treatment. As disappointing as this can be, some reflexology in pregnancy is better than no reflexology in pregnancy!

I have provided reflexology treatments for several pregnant women over the years. They all want to feel better and relieve the stress on strain on their bodies, in general – and their backs and spines, in particular. Some also suffer from sciatica, which is pain resulting from pinched nerves that shoots up and down the legs, and into the buttocks and lower back. It can be quite debilitating. Reflexology is quite effective in alleviating this condition. Even after a baby is born, the condition of sciatica can remain while the woman’s body attempts to return to normal. Reflexology can assist with this process of the body’s return and provide some comfort from the irritation and frustration of sciatica.

Reflexology In Pregnancy Case Study

Two-and-a-half years ago, my daughter was pregnant with my granddaughter. It was over one-hundred degrees in July and she was absolutely miserable! Her due date had come and gone and boy was she . . . stressed. She had always been very active before her pregnancy and, even after becoming pregnant, she didn’t really slow down. She had worked all the way through her pregnancy and was looking forward to giving birth. However, she was now past her due date and was at a point where she needed some relief on an immediate basis.

I received a frantic, pleading phone call, “Dad! The doctor wants to induce labor because I’m past my due date. I don’t want to do that, but I don’t know how much more I can take! Could you please give me reflexology?!”

In keeping with the proper protocols for providing reflexology in pregnancy, I told her to call her doctor to ask if she could receive reflexology. She got off the phone and called back within five minutes. “The doctor said reflexology would be okay. When can you be here?!” I left almost immediately. When I arrived, she was sweating profusely and looked, well . . . a bit battle-worn.
I set up my reflexology chair and she climbed in. I gave her reflexology for about forty-five minutes and she sighed, “Thanks, Dad.” She looked at her stomach. “Okay, you need to come out – NOW!”

We both laughed. I helped her up and out of the chair, we drank a glass of water, hugged and I departed.

Ten hours later, my granddaughter, Alana, was born. Healthy and perfect.
I believe my reflexology career was meant for that remarkable experience.

When giving or receiving reflexology in pregnancy, keep in mind and follow the important rules stated in this article and enjoy!

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