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The profession of reflexology is a rewarding one and reflexology jobs can be found in virtually every city and country in the world. It is gratifying to offer a service that is valuable in terms of potential income and how well it is received by clients. And while the satisfaction is great, as with any career, it also has it’s challenges.

At first, it might appear as if reflexology jobs would be relatively simple and stress-free. As a reflexologist, you are seated when performing a treatment. The room is quiet and the lights are dimmed. Soothing music is playing softly in the background and the faint smell of lavender lingers in the air. Sounds pretty good, yes? Well, it is! However, it can become difficult to maintain a level of quality performance after four or five reflexology treatments per day, five days a week. This is a reasonable expectation from a potential employer and should be kept in mind when researching potential reflexology jobs.

Reflexology jobs are usually bundled with requests for other types of bodywork, such as massage. As a stand-alone modality in the workplace, reflexology jobs are comparatively fewer in number. And given this, while reflexology is arguably better suited as a sole-proprietor business model (no pun intended), there are plenty of opportunities to be hired as a reflexologist.

Opportunities For Reflexology Jobs

reflexology jobs

Reflexology jobs are abundant in the spa industry. Virtually every city has several spas located within its boundaries. Some are private and some are large franchises spas. One thing they all have in common is the desire to set themselves apart and be the best – a place customers seek out and spend their money. Reflexology can be the service that differentiates a spa from its competitors and helps it stand out in the marketplace. Be prepared to WOW! your potential employer by providing him or her with the best reflexology treatment you’ve ever given anyone. This is your resume’ and it has to be flawless.

Reflexology jobs are periodically available at physical therapy clinics, although health insurance considerations may preclude a job offer, as reflexology has yet to be fully embraced by the healthcare industry as an insurable modality. It never hurts to apply in order get the word out that you are for hire. It’s amazing how quickly the word spreads in the health and healing industry. Don’t be discouraged if you are denied employment because of a facilities practices and procedures regarding health insurance. Reflexology jobs at physical therapy clinics are almost always provided in addition to other “insurable” modalities, such as massage or acupuncture. This is simply the way things are – for now.

Alternative healthcare centers are excellent places to look for potential reflexology jobs. While it is possible to be hired as an employee, many of these facilities are a gathering of independent practitioners who have their own businesses and are leasing space at the facility. Again, some due diligence and research is wise and it is always beneficial to get your name and face known in the industry. Before applying at these locations, familiarize yourself with the laws of your state and city regarding independent contractors. It’s a good idea to apply for a business license if you think you may want to pursue this route in your reflexology career. The owners of these centers will be happy to lease you space and provide you with other resources, as well. Oftentimes, advertising or website space is part of the arrangement.

Health and wellness retreat centers are the big time for any job-seeking reflexologist. These are exclusive country-club type resort facilities that cater to those who have an inordinate amount of disposable income. Reflexology jobs are relatively difficult to secure at these facilities because those who work there, rarely quit. This being said, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so make some noise and keep applying. You just never know. In order to be considered for reflexology jobs in health and wellness centers, being credentialed is usually a must. You will definitely need to have completed a course in reflexology and will be required to demonstrate your mastery of the modality. Also, you may want to look into becoming a certified reflexologist in order to increase your chances of getting hired, although if they love your reflexology treatment, it might not matter.

Reflexology Jobs On The High Seas

Lastly, cruise ships and popular vacation destinations will advertise reflexology jobs during peak seasons and usually offer employment contracts for a specified period of time. If you can pick up stakes every so often and enjoy catering to those who live the vacation lifestyle, then this is for you! What makes this especially attractive is the gratuities you will receive. Most cruise ships have a mandatory 20% gratuity for all spa services. They also charge about 50% more than spas and other locations. This being said, the level of expectation from your clients for a high-quality reflexology treatment, will be much higher. So, before pursuing reflexology jobs on cruise ships, be sure you have all but mastered reflexology and can provide the best reflexology treatment ever!

reflexology jobs

Reflexology Jobs: Final Thoughts

In all of these situations, be prepared to offer a complementary reflexology session to a potential employer to demonstrate your proficiency – right there, on the spot. You must be able to seamlessly move from initial interview to treatment and back to interview again, in order to impress a potential employer. This requires confidence and a bit of ego – you have got to believe in yourself and your level of proficiency when providing reflexology because it will show if you don’t. Like anything, reflexology requires practice, practice, practice.

Lastly, maybe you are the entrepreneurial type and you’d like to start your own reflexology business. There’s a lot to consider as it relates to this. Write a business plan, seek professional advice, check your states requirements for reflexologists to practice and set up shop. This is what I did – and it worked! It takes time, diligence and persistence. But it is a wonderful way to make a living.

Whatever direction you choose – Good Luck and . . . Keep On Your Toes! (Pun intended.)
Reflexology jobs are waiting for you.

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