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reflexology relieves arthritis

Reflexology Relieves Arthritis Pain For Ten Year Old

Reflexology For The Ages I’ve practiced reflexology for well over a decade and, predominantly┬ámy clients are women who range in age from twenty-five to seventy-five. The reasons they have sought reflexology are myriad and I’ve seen quite a lot in terms of presenting physical, emotional and mental conditions. Everything from allergies to anxiety, diabetes to […]

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reflexology for a better night sleep

Reflexology For A Better Night Sleep

A few years ago, one my daughters (I have five of them!) took a trip alone, to Costa Rica. She was eighteen years old at the time and my wife and I were more than a little anxiety-filled. After a couple of sleepless nights, my wife began talking about sleep medication and I went into […]

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reflexology and breast cancer research

Reflexology and Breast Cancer Research

Over the years, I have maintained a reflexology practice consisting primarily of women clients. In fact, well over eighty percent of my clients are women. I don’t question these things, I simply accept them and realize I have something important to learn from this. As such, I have come to better understand the female condition […]

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Reflexology and Headache Relief

I hope to shed some light on reflexology and headache relief. It’s true. Reflexology has been shown to have a dramatic effect on reducing headaches. My clients report feeling their heads “loosening up” during a reflexology treatment and experiencing “mental relief,” which is one way to describe quieting the chatter in the brain. There is […]

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what is reflexology

What Is Reflexology

What Is Reflexology: Answering The Question As a reflexologist, I am asked, “What is reflexology?” more than any other question about reflexology. I will attempt to answer in as many ways as I have been asked. Reflexology is a specialized form of body work – similar to, yet very different from massage. It is based […]

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