Reflexology and Retirement Planning

The time has arrived to do some preliminary retirement planning. The kids are all grown up and have started families of their own. Spoiling the grand kids has become a favorite pastime. And the home, that only a couple of years ago, felt like it was barely big enough for everyone and everything in it, […]

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Choosing A Reflexologist – First Steps So, you’ve decided to give reflexology a try and now it’s time to see a reflexologist. Okay, so now what? How do you find a reflexologist? Not just any reflexologist, but a great one. Well, first of all… Congratulations! The decision to receive reflexology is an investment that can, […]

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types of reflexology

Types Of Reflexology

When I first began my reflexology career, I gave no consideration at all to the notion of different types of reflexology. In fact,  I had a single focus – I was very passionate about giving and receiving reflexology. I experienced a heightened sense of well-being after receiving reflexology, which I have come to know as homeostasis […]

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reflexology relieves arthritis

Reflexology Relieves Arthritis Pain For Ten Year Old

Reflexology For The Ages I’ve practiced reflexology for well over a decade and, predominantly my clients are women who range in age from twenty-five to seventy-five. The reasons they have sought reflexology are myriad and I’ve seen quite a lot in terms of presenting physical, emotional and mental conditions. Everything from allergies to anxiety, diabetes to […]

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reflexology and reiki

Reflexology And Reiki: My Reflexology Beginnings

I have been asked how I got started in reflexology by virtually everyone who knows I practice reflexology and reiki. So, I’ve decided to tell my story and reveal the reason – to everyone – why I chose reflexology and reiki as my career path. The following true story, illustrates the reason I practice reflexology and reiki as […]

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