reflexology jobs


Reflexology Jobs

The profession of reflexology is a rewarding one and reflexology jobs can be found in virtually every city and country in the world. It is gratifying to offer a service that is valuable in terms of potential income and how well it is received by clients. And while the satisfaction is great, as with any […]

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Reflexology Certification

The jury is still out as to whether or not reflexology certification is a material advantage for aspiring and practicing reflexologists. Fundamentally, the reflexology certification process is an additional phase of testing designed to reinforce what has been taught in an approved reflexology curriculum from an accredited reflexology school. On the surface, this seems all […]

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reflexology training

Reflexology Training

Being an active participant in reflexology training is the beginning of a unique and wonderful journey. The path of healing – for one’s self and others – is a challenging and infinitely rewarding one. And, while reflexology is relatively simple to learn and to practice, there are many things to learn in addition to those […]

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